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Customer case: Aimo Park

Aimo Park is a leading parking company with over 6000 parking garages and facilities providing 370.000 parking spaces in over 250 cities in the Nordics.

Kuori has worked with Aimo Park for over three years and collaborated to create an easier way to use parking facilities. This has been inspired by Aimo Park’s drive to change how we experience parking facilities.

“It’s time to rethink parking. Through innovation and by always putting people first, we want to refine our customers’ parking experience. Something made possible by introducing new mobility solutions and providing game-changing services that will make people’s everyday life easier. Living up to our promise to do our part in the transition towards smarter and more sustainable urban areas,” says Sales and Marketing Director Marek Darkowski from Aimo Park Finland.

In support of Aimo Park’s vision, Kuori has provided parking solutions with parking door readers, weatherproof exit screens, and payment kiosks, forming a comprehensive solution for the parking experience and its management. When using the payment kiosk with a customised application inside, the user is intuitively guided through the payment process. Multiple features have been combined into one application reducing the number of options customers have to interact with at any given time. Kuori’s rugged touchscreens have also been embedded into sleek, well-designed, visually appealing metal bodies. Kuori developed an intuitive payment terminal by integrated touchscreen with an Ingenico payment terminal on a totem. Kuori also developed both front- and back-end for the application that runs on Android, simplifying and improving the payment experience, while reducing maintenance costs and improving the visual appearance of the terminals.

Kuori’s installations sum up to around 200 pieces of equipment to Aimo Park’s various locations. These include Helsinki Outlet and Iso-Omena retail centres in Finland and IGOR in Västerås in Sweden, and passenger port services and parking in Helsinki, including West Terminal, Olympia Terminal, Katajanokka and Satamaparkki.

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