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Customer case: YetiCare

YetiCare is a Finnish innovation and health technology company that promotes well-being through engagement and motivation, and Kuori is the device manufacturer and a strategic partner for them.

YetiCare’s main product is a giant interactive touchscreen tablet, the Yetitablet. It encourages social interaction, motivates rehabilitation enhancing cognitive and physical skills for care workers and users.

Kuori stands out as the exceptional and preferred supplier of Yetitablet because of their innovative touchscreens. These screens are highly modular and versatile, and Kuori can extensively customize them to precisely meet the specific needs of their customers. Today, care homes, hospitals and rehabilitation units worldwide use Yetitablet with YetiCare services, and the user experiences they provide are unparalleled.

“We are delighted about the close collaboration with Kuori. They help us to provide our customers with the best technological solutions.” – YetiCare Team