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Customer Cases

Our customers want to deliver easy to use, reliable digital solutions to their customers and consumers. When the environment gets harsh, this presents a more challenging problem that the Kuori team has been able to solve in many industries, from fast food to outdoor advertising. Read a few recent examples here.

Partnering for Success

At Kuori we value a customer-centric approach and work closely with our clients to tailor digital signage solutions to their specific needs and goals.

We are proud to showcase some of the success stories of our valued clients and partners on how Kuori’s solutions have positively impacted their business.


The complete delivery and technical solutions process led Mediateko, a fast-growing Finnish outdoor advertising company, to choose Kuori as their LCD outdoor display provider.

Mediateko discovered that purchasing monitors with replaceable panels is a more responsible approach since the entire unit will not have to be replaced when the panel reaches the end of its life. Still, the casing around it remains the same.

Mediateko made the investment for a ten-year period and worked with Kuori to develop a life cycle model. Under this model, Kuori is responsible for maintaining the screens from the beginning to the end of the contract period. In the long run, the price-quality ratio is favourable and provides security regarding the network’s functionality for Mediateko. This success story involved close collaboration with Supervisual Ltd., organising display purchasing and supporting installations.

Could you recommend Kuori outdoor screens to others?
“I could and I have also done that.”
– Teemu Kontkanen, CEO of Mediateko


TrackMan is an industry-leading and cutting-edge golf simulator provider with Optically Enhanced Radar Tracking. They wanted to expand their outdoor simulator services and needed weather-proof touchscreens with continuous access and easy control to the content and maintenance. Indoor Golf Partner is their distributor.
Kuori analysed their needs for outdoor simulator usage and custom-designed touchscreens to match their requirements.

Due to Kuori’s modular design principles, the screen design was prepared for mass production and delivered faster than in standard industry cases. The introduction of Kuori touchscreens for outdoor usage in Trackman golf simulators has received glowing feedback.

With increasing popularity, improved content management and significant time savings for their staff, the overall user experience has enhanced.

Aimo Park

Aimo Park is a leading parking company with over 6000 garages and facilities providing 370.000 parking spaces in over 250 cities in the Nordics.

Kuori has partnered with Aimo for over 3 years to revolutionise the parking experience. Inspired by Aimo Park’s commitment to rethinking parking, Kuori has provided solutions like parking door readers, weatherproof exit screens and payment kiosks, forming a comprehensive solution for the parking experience and its management.

When using the payment kiosk with a customised application inside, the user is intuitively guided through the payment process. Kuori’s rugged touch screens have also been embedded into sleek, well-designed, visually appealing metal bodies.

Kuori solutions can be found at various Aimo Park locations, including Helsinki Outlet, Iso-Omena retail centre and several Helsinki passenger ports. In total around 200 pieces of equipment by year-end.

Image Aimo Park


YetiCare is a Finnish innovation and health technology company that promotes well-being through engagement and motivation, and Kuori is the device manufacturer and a strategic partner for them.

YetiCare’s main product is a giant interactive touchscreen tablet, the Yetitablet. It encourages social interaction, motivates rehabilitation enhancing cognitive and physical skills for care workers and users.

Kuori stands out as the exceptional and preferred supplier of Yetitablet because of their innovative touchscreens. These screens are highly modular and versatile, and Kuori can extensively customize them to precisely meet the specific needs of their customers. Today, care homes, hospitals and rehabilitation units worldwide use Yetitablet with YetiCare services, and the user experiences they provide are unparalleled.

“We are delighted about the close collaboration with Kuori. They help us to provide our customers with the best technological solutions.” – YetiCare Team