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Mastering the digital
customer experience

With our solutions, you will combine easy payments with engaging digital signage, cleverly targeted advertising, and an enhanced user experience. 

Optimise the purchase flow for your clients and end users. It will not only create a delightful user experience but will help you maximise the potential of each customer’s visit.

Turn your venue into a complete digital customer experience

We’ll assist in digitalising and monetising your entire customer experience, from arrival, parking & charging, to on-premise and in-store interaction.

Optimising efficiency and customer satisfaction at every touchpoint

Seamlessly integrate Kuori solutions into every step of the customer journey within a venue. 

Upon arrival, our digital signage serves as a powerful tool for wayfinding, advertising, and capturing visitors’ attention. Display live statistics, highlights, and other engaging content to enhance the spectator experience with our custom display solutions.  

Simplify purchases with our self-service kiosks, allowing customers to conveniently buy products or food. Directly connect our point-of-sale devices with displays in restaurant kitchens, ensuring a seamlessly integrated experience from start to finish.

“With user flow mapping, we can assist in navigating the digital journey”

Our vision: A connected digital platform for stadiums and venues

Digital compliments other touchpoints – Case self-service kiosks

The power of AI

Algorithm optimises up- and cross-selling to your customers. It knows better than any human what to sell, to whom and at what time.

17% Inrease in sales

Data from customers’ PoS systems show that advanced upselling AI outperforms human cashiers by an average of 17%


Kuori is an innovator creating the next generation of digital experiences. We offer an innovative, disruptive and customisable platform that transform environments in to the digital age. We are pioneers with years of experience in providing the following display solutions.