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Monetise your EV charging experience and delight your customers from the moment of arrival

As electronic vehicles become more and more common, they turn from a transport of the few to a transport of the masses. This surge of users brings huge business opportunities to companies with a first class customer experience in EV charging.

We will support the digitalisation and monetisation of your complete customer experience – covering arrival, parking, charging, on-premise and in-store interactions.

With us you will increase your profit per customer through engaging digital signage and targeted advertising, while providing unrivalled digital experiences to your customers.

Turn your electronic vehicle charging point to a complete digital customer experience

What if you could turn your electronic vehicle charging point from a payment box in the corner of a parking lot into a consistent digital journey that leverages your existing customer data, provides individualised purchase experiences and makes charging easy?

Your EV charging point should at minimum be able to manage different kinds of payment methods and provide easy, operationally reliable solutions for charging different EV makes and models.

That alone is not enough: incorporated with clear information-sharing such as helpful directions for charging and payments, and targeted advertising based on customer preferences or object recognition, you’ll benefit from upsell opportunities like never before.

illustration of plug-and-play and easy enrollment principle illustration of plug-and-play and easy enrollment principle

Meeting AFIR regulations is an upsell opportunity for charging points

You can make so much more revenue, when you combine easy payments with engaging digital signage and cleverly targeted advertising: utilise for example your existing customer data, sensors and location-based opportunities to promote products and services to your customers

Charging and gas station business just got more profitable

With an easy and uniform charging or refuelling experience across stations you’re allowing the driver to prepare and plan for their journey less beforehand. You can introduce new types of services and products to gas and charging stations, improving the whole customer experience.

The future of transport is made of alternative fuels and versatile users

When electronic vehicles become the go-to transport of the masses and fleets, the European charging network will start to welcome people from all age groups, with a whole range of skillsets and cultural and linguistic diversities. This can either make or brake your business.

A surge in users makes good user experience crucial for success

Investing in user experience and attractive business opportunities today helps you prepare for tomorrow’s increase in users, win over customers from competition – and benefit from upsell opportunities you’ve never experienced before.

Is your business ready to delight the masses and increase your margins in electronic vehicle charging?

Leverage your knowledge about your customers to improve their whole charging experience

If you’re a charging point operator with unmanned charging or gas stations…

…this could mean utilising number plate recognition to know who is at the charging point, allowing you to offer personalised charging experiences or discounts based on their previous behaviour.

Personalise your advertising for example to the make or model of the vehicle that’s being charged, and offer special prices for e.g. car wash or other services at your station.

If you have a parking facility in a shopping centre or a commercial building…

…you could send out a message to an approaching vehicle telling them about free parking spaces or charging points nearby, helping the driver plan less for their journey.

Help them make use of the charging time: advertise services and products available in the adjacent shopping centre or commercial building, offering targeted discounts based on individual preferences.

If you have a network of charging points anywhere in the country or the EU…

…you can provide a unified experience throughout your charging points. A reliable, easy-to-use charging point is the one that people will keep coming to – make sure yours is suited for all kinds of users.

Don’t stop at the charging point: utilise customer data to delight your customers, promote on-location products and services, and benefit from upsell opportunities both indoors and outdoors.

CUSTOMER CASE: Easier use of parking facilities – Aimo Park

Kuori has worked with Aimo Park, the leading parking lot operator in the Nordics, now for over three years and collaborated to create an easier way to park. This has been inspired by Aimo Park’s drive to change how we experience parking facilities.

Aimo Park payment kiosk outside Helsinki Outlet Aimo Park payment kiosk outside Helsinki Outlet

While meeting AFIR requirements, consider these in your infrastructure

All credit card payment solutions require certificates for handling bank transactions

As you know, you either need to be certified to handle credit card payments yourself, or you need a payment solutions partner who is. With our network of partners we can help you come to a swift, user-friendly solution before April 2024, with any payment system you wish.

A long-lasting AFIR payment solution is carefully monitored and regularly maintained

It is in our interest to help you benefit from your investment for as long as possiblethat’s why we always include maintenance and monitoring in our default proposition. If you wish to handle these yourself, know that our modular technology is designed to be easily maintained and monitored.

To integrate or retrofit is up to you – we’ll deliver your AFIR solution within a few months

You can either integrate the new AFIR payment solution to your existing chargers, or create a retrofit. With our technology, you can move from a prototype to a working solution within a few months. Our solutions are designed for even the rougher conditions the nature throws at them. 

Our deliverable agility and mad-sciency combined with our customisable high tech make us your perfect partner

We are Kuori – your Google Enterprise certified and EU compliant Android software development partner. We are constantly looking for more creative ways to deliver innovative display solutions that positively impact your business, while being as energy efficient, user-friendly and easy to maintain as possible.

Our global software engineering team is led from Finland, and our enterprise display solutions are maintained, tested and developed in Europe. Our customer care assists you throughout your tech life cycle to ensure maximised uptime for your solutions.

Kuori technology addresses needs for payments advertising and first-class user experience in EV charging Kuori technology addresses needs for payments advertising and first-class user experience in EV charging

Engage customers to increase profit per session

Interested in the business opportunities AFIR brings with? We’re just as excited as you are!

Let’s start designing engaging experiences and new types of revenue streams with intuitive technology, and benefiting from upsell opportunities both indoors and outdoors!

Get your own credit card payment solution

Just want to get this AFIR thing over with? Leave it to us – we’ll get you sorted with an easy-to-enroll, mass-customised payment platform. 

Our technology is designed to withstand outdoor conditions like a true Finn, and is able to meet the needs and skills of a variety of EV drivers!

Innovate the future of electric vehicle charging

Great minds innovate alikewe are fearless innovators excited to form the future of electric vehicle charging with you.

No challenge is too out-there for us – let’s achieve big things together and create new types of business models both indoors and outdoors!

From credit card payments to future innovations – contact me for tailored solutions!

Juha Rytkönen

Business Development Director