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Industry applications

Transportation I Digital cities & public services I Parking and EV solutions I Retail centres I Sports & experience venues I Facility management & hospitality


The transportation industry is increasingly using digital signage to make travel better for passengers, from wayfinding & real-time updates, to creating a more engaging environment.

Digital cities & public services

Digitalisation is rapidly transforming cities into smart, efficient, and accessible hubs of public services.

Parking & EV Solutions

The integration of digital signage and payment kiosks in parking and EV charging facilities brings numerous benefits, ranging from improved user experiences and operational efficiency to revenue generation and sustainability efforts.

Sports & experience venues

Digital signage enhances entertainment, informs and boosts interactivity for a more enjoyable experience.

Retail centres

Retail centers have discovered the power of digital signage in captivating shoppers’ attention and enhancing their shopping journey.

Facility management & hospitality

The digitalisation of buildings is a growing trend driven by advancements in technology, the need for efficiency and the desire to improve the overall experience for both occupants and visitors.