Siirry sisältöön

Our story

It all began back in 2015, within the confines of a small garage office space on Aalto University’s campus in Espoo, Finland.

Rather than following along the same journey as some competitors, Kuori saw it differently and began paving its own path led by co-founders Jarkko and Maria Jokelainen. One might say they were even ahead of their time in envisioning these different ways forward and seeing enterprise display devices capable of so much more.

It’s a path today that others in the industry are now realising and even trying to replicate.

Kuori’s first mission was to help enable and benefit the everyday lives of children on the autism spectrum — children who required support in their daily communication and abilities to interact.

Today, Kuori has evolved into a display technology pioneer offering custom-designed outdoor and indoor displays, touchscreens, payment terminals, and OEM solutions.

Innovation + sustainability

We create innovative solutions that perform in diverse and demanding environments for our customers, which include private companies and public organisations across more than 30 countries.

Our diverse applications, from electric vehicle charging stations to dynamic public signage and digital advertising, are engineered to minimise environmental impact. We’re paving the way for products that are built to leverage more flexible and adaptable modular designs, while helping to ensure they last longer than the competition.

Our design framework ensures Kuori devices are more easily repairable and last longer. And because there’s less electronic waste entering landfills, Kuori devices are better for the planet.

A new era

In 2017, Kuori entered the digital signage space, intersecting computing hardware and digital marketing with Android software engineering R&D and revolutionary thermal simulations. As a certified Google EDLA provider, the foundation of our offering today includes large display solutions for enterprises powered by Android.

This expertise and know-how have helped to spring Kuori into a rapidly growing global brand, expanding to well beyond the Nordics.

Bringing it all together

Our customers, combined with our people, knowledge and innovation, have been at the core of Kuori since the beginning.

And as our partners continually come to us seeking solutions to their challenges, we’ve evolved in creating some of the most advanced engineering and systems integrations that meet the requirements of the most demanding environments and conditions.

At Kuori, we’re helping lead the global revolution in the enterprise display industry, equipped with our thermodynamics expertise and patents.

Our DNA includes some of the brightest experts and R&D minds from around the world. And it’s our people that continue to overperform time and time again.

Not only do we witness it every day, but it’s also what our customers say. Because working together with our small, nimble and efficient team of experts is something customers have genuinely come to appreciate.

New innovative experiences and pioneering achievements alongside our customers have empowered Kuori to grow as a business while developing our culture and opening pathways toward new customers.

Truly global at our core

Culture. It’s what we’re about. And it’s what we take pride in.

We aim to continue as an attractive workplace for creative and bold professionals who lead by example, take initiative, embrace new challenges, bring a sense of humour, and appreciate collaboration with colleagues and customers alike.

While still a team of under 100 employees, we’re a remarkably international company. To celebrate reaching a significant milestone in our expansion, we relocated our headquarters in 2024 to a beautifully designed new office space located in Leppävaara, Espoo.

We value inclusivity and our peoples’ backgrounds, experiences and cultures from all over the world. It’s a vital element of Kuori that we have always embraced and will continue to embrace as we continue to spread our wings and grow with the help of one another and the challenges of our customers.