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Modular Digital Display solutions for enterprises

Kuori develops, manufactures and delivers mass-customised enterprise display solutions for any environment to improve customer experience, make public spaces more interactive, and drive customer growth and success. We are striving for a brighter future for Digital Signage.

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Outdoor Displays

Kuori’s outdoor displays are known for their exceptional quality and durability, perfect for even the most challenging environments. They offer customisable designs to meet the unique needs of each customer.


Kuori’s touchscreens are built to endure extreme conditions, such as heat, cold, liquids, corrosives, dust, and metal particles. This durability enhances the usability of your software in diverse environments.

Payment Kiosks

Kuori kiosks offer a larger touchscreen size that meets the demand and are equipped with an integrated payment terminal. This terminal includes essential features such as a card reader, thermal printer, and QR code reader.


As an official partner of Google EDLA, Kuori can offer commercial displays fully compatible with GMS (Google Mobile Services). Our proprietary Android version ensures a seamless and comprehensive user experience.

The Kuori Way

At Kuori, we strongly believe in the importance of prioritising our customers, which is why we integrate our technological expertise with a customer-centric approach. Through our modular design principle, we have the capability to develop customised display solutions that are tailored to meet the client requirements. It is The Kuori Way.

Kuori + Android


As an official partner of Google EDLA, Kuori proudly offers commercial displays fully compatible with Google Mobile Services (GMS). Our proprietary Android version ensures seamless integration with GMS, providing our customers with a comprehensive and optimised user experience and superior performance in our display solutions.

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