Exploring the future of interfaces at the ‘Imagine the Metaverse 2024’

Andrew Cresswell, Head of Growth at Kuori reflects on the ‘Imagine the Metaverse 2024’ event in Tampere, where Kuori showcased our cutting-edge large touch display technology. This event was a hub for digital innovation, featuring discussions on the future of AI, digital twins, and immersive technologies that are set to redefine our interaction with digital content.

At the event, Kuori’s technology powered a demonstration by Nokia, who presented their RXRM software on our responsive touch interface. This collaboration highlighted the synergy between sophisticated software solutions and robust hardware that can handle real-time data-intensive tasks like video compression and live interactions.

Throughout the event, the conversations I had with leaders from companies such as Elisa, Valmet, Microsoft, Gofore, and Nokia converged on a crucial insight: while the digital landscape evolves, the need for reliable and intuitive interfaces remains paramount. 

This is because, despite the rise of immersive technologies like VR headsets, the primary way we interact with data and digital environments is still through 2D displays. These interfaces are not just windows into vast data streams; they are the battlegrounds where ease of use meets complex functionality.

Our discussions also touched on how AI is transforming city infrastructures, from traffic management to energy conservation in street lighting, showcasing the practical benefits of real-time system optimizations. 

Kuori is committed to this trajectory, continually enhancing our products to not only meet current demands but to lead the way in power optimization and system integration.

The event was not just about showcasing technology but also about understanding its application in real-world scenarios. For example, Nokia’s technology, which we supported, allows for real-time compression of 360 video and audio to enhance the speed and reduce data consumption. The demonstration included live musical performances that users could interact with dynamically—zooming and panning around the venue, offering a uniquely personal experience while also preserving the communal joy of live events.

Looking forward, Kuori is excited about the possibilities that lie in merging our modular, customisable display solutions with the needs and visions of our clients. Our goal is to ensure that our technology not only integrates seamlessly into any environment but also comes with a promise of security, connectivity, and simplicity in deployment.

This event has solidified our belief in the transformative power of interfaces and the role they will continue to play in making technology accessible and functional for everyone. 

We invite you to keep an eye on Kuori as we advance these discussions and work towards a future where technology’s complexity is hidden behind the simplicity and reliability of the user interface. Reach out to continue the conversation—we are just getting started.

Andrew Cresswell

Head of Growth, Kuori