Kuori becomes the world’s first Google EDLA-certified outdoor display manufacturer

The high-technology company, Kuori Oy, has become the first manufacturer (OEM) to implement the Google framework for Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement (EDLA) certification for use in large outdoor screens. The Finnish company strives to create a new industry standard for DOOH hardware by systematically applying Android, the universal operating system, to its entire product range.

As the world’s first outdoor digital out-of-home (DOOH) display manufacturer to receive the EDLA certification for use on large outdoor screens. Kuori can offer Android-powered commercial displays which are fully compatible with Google Mobile Services (GMS), require very little power to operate, can withstand extreme conditions, and offer a flexible operating system that makes it easy to develop new apps.

Similar certification systems by Google have already existed for mobile devices “MADA” (less than 17″) and for Android-TVs “TADA”. However, Kuori is the world’s first manufacturer to implement Google framework to DOOH advertising on large outdoor and indoor screens. Certified Android screens enable an updatable and upgradable long-term standardised solution with continuous software and hardware development.

“There’s currently no industry standard for the software in large outdoor screens and they are commonly run with various non-standard open operating systems. Until now, there hasn’t been a universal operating system that’s common to everyone or that is reliable and easy to use. No other current provider in the world is running certified Android on large outdoor displays.” 
Jarkko Jokelainen, Chief Technology Officer at Kuori.

“This certification from Google tells us that they share our view of creating an industry standard, and our view is that Android will take over as the main DOOH operating system,” continues Jokelainen.

Kuori develops, manufactures, and delivers modular and mass-customised enterprise display solutions for any environment to improve customer experience, make public spaces more interactive, and drive customer growth and success. Kuori’s Outdoor Digital Displays are widely used in all environments and temperatures, including urban areas, hospitality, retail centres, and ski resorts. The modularity of the displays lowers their lifecycle costs because if part of the screen breaks, the whole screen does not need to be replaced. This generates less electronic waste.

With its Android-based devices, Kuori has been able to expand the functions of its screens, with the Android OS capable of controlling their heating, cooling, temperature monitoring, humidity, and more. And since the screens are Android-certified, they can natively run digital signage applications.

As a certified EDLA provider, Kuori can provide integrators and brands with modern mobile device management solutions, including zero-touch enrolment, mass-scale fleet deployment, over-the-air updates to deploy security patches and Android version upgrades, and user-friendly remote management capabilities.

Founded in 2015, Kuori’s customers today come from various industries in multiple verticals, e.g., healthcare, retail, logistics, construction, hospitality, military, and more. Today, Kuori products can be found in close to 30 countries worldwide. In 2022, Kuori’s sales were 17,5 Meur, and for 2023, sales are estimated at 40 Meur with personnel of over 50 people.