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Kuori introduces its breakthrough Window Signage at ISE 2023

Kuori Oy, the Finnish company behind the enterprise-level solutions for Hardware and Software Interfaces for Digital Experience Platforms (DXP), launches its unique Kuori Window Signage solution at ISE 2023 show in Barcelona. The new Kuori 65” LCD signage for storefronts solves the common problem relating to visibility due to direct sunlight.

The Kuori LCD signage can also be attached directly to the window with a special adhesive, putting the Kuori solution as the first such option in the market.

Kuori Window Signage solution has a unique thermal management system that prevents the common overheating issue that most window-facing digital signage screens experience. With the inbuilt thermal management system, achieving a longer operating life for the LCD is possible. For Kuori Window Signage Screens, the driving design principle is the viewing envelope or the distance and angles from which you can see what’s on display.

Jarkko Jokelainen
, Cofounder and CTO at Kuori, explains:
“For screens facing direct sunlight, a large gap is usually needed between the glass and display to prevent overheating. This narrows the viewing envelope, as from wider angles, reflection and other effects will make the display unreadable. With our unique thermal management system here at Kuori, we have reduced this gap to a single centimetre, dramatically improving customer experience and drastically reducing the space that the display needs to occupy.”

“Furthermore, we can offer an optional mounting solution that fixes the display directly to the window panel itself. This uses a high-strength adhesive for glueing the device to the window, eliminating the need for storefront modifications and unsightly mounting brackets.”

Jokelainen continues:
“We are excited on this occasion to launch our new Kuori Window Signage solution. It has been a long R&D process requiring intense collaboration with engineers and the customer excellence team. It is important for us to respond to our customer’s needs and understand how we can solve them and support their business success.”

Kuori display solutions include outdoor and indoor touchscreens, outdoor displays, and payment terminals, which are already used by hundreds of enterprises in xx countries around the world. The company’s ability to mass-customise solutions cost-effectively is based on its modular design principles, benefitting from its tech leadership combining electronics, software, mechanics and thermodynamics.

Markus Backman, Head of Sales at Kuori, states:
“For Kuori, the launch of this innovative window signage solution signifies a major addition to our product portfolio that is constantly developed to find new ways to ensure the ultimate consumer and user experience. Our digital experience solutions, in terms of software and hardware solutions, and how they can better assist, guide, communicate and enable various types of transactions for enterprises and experiences to consumers, is the mission that strives us forward.”