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OEM solutions

Kuori can work with you to design display solutions for your specific business need. Our modular approach means we can manage lower MoQ so you get exactly what you need, rather than what is closest from a catalog.

Designed for uninterrupted use anywhere

Kuori’s solutions are engineered to endure the most demanding conditions, withstanding extreme temperatures, liquids, corrosives, dust, and metal particles. This exceptional durability enables you to expand the use of your software even in the harshest environments.

Kuori solutions are designed to be suitable for 24/7 indoor and outdoor use. They feature a modular structure for easy maintenance and come equipped with a high performance OS platform capable to run your own SW, API to connect to your systems, and built in remote monitoring capabilities.

Data: your digital window

We are able to work with you to design the product to be integrated to your existing data workflow and to bring actionable data to where its needed. Touch, and always on connectivity means real time interaction wherever its needed on a secure platform.

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