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OEM Solutions

Quality and design engineered to withstand the most challenging conditions.

OEM Solutions for Uninterrupted Use

Kuori’s OEM solutions are engineered to endure the most demanding conditions, withstanding extreme temperatures, liquids, corrosives, dust, and metal particles. This exceptional durability enables you to expand the use of your software even in the harshest environments.

Kuori solutions are designed to be suitable for 24/7 indoor and outdoor use. They feature a modular structure for easy maintenance and come equipped with remote monitoring capabilities.


Our modular screens are scalable and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements with mass production readiness in just a few weeks. With easy servicing and the ability to upgrade the hardware as needed, our OEM solutions have a long lifecycle with a low life cycle cost.

Customer Cases

Read more on how Kuori’s touchscreen solutions have positively impacted our clients.


  • Anti-reflection, anti-glare, anti-UV treatment
  • IP options up to IP68
  • Screen Sizes 15,6″ – 98″ available
  •  24/7 use in bright conditions, including outdoors
  •  4K or Full HD resolution
  • Galvanized steel structure for longevity
  •  OS: Certified Android 11 / Kuori can integrate
    the suitable computer module for the OS you choose
  •  Temperature controlled from -40°C up to +50°C

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