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Kuori is an official Google EDLA Partner and equip our own Android version with full GMS compatibility for commercial displays.

EDLA as a service by Kuori

Kuori offers consultative services related to Android and EDLA (Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement). We call this EDLA as a Service and provide client-focused EDLA solutions.

Benefits of EDLA

  • Full GMS compatibility
  • Playstore & opportunity to use Google Payment Framework in apps
  • Increased productivity through a large number of productivity apps
  • Ensures app stability and security through Google’s recommendations
  • Enables system over-the-air updates to deploy security patches and Android version upgrades
  • User-friendly remote management through any commercial MDM
  • Zero-touch enrolment – instant mass-installations

What is EDLA?

EDLA stands for Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement. It is a certification by Google that gives commercial Android devices full GMS compatibility, among other things. Google offers a Partner Program for selected businesses to certify devices with EDLA.

Similar certification systems by Google have already existed for mobile Devices “MADA” (less than 17″) and for Android-TVs “TADA”.

All kinds of commercial displays have been widely using Android as An operating system, but without full GMS compatibility. EDLA offers many benefits for commercial use.

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