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Kuori – The canvas for digitalisation

Discover the story behind our company’s innovative display solutions and explore our unique strengths that make us a disruptive force for positive change.

Company in brief

Founded in 2015, Kuori is a Finnish display technology pioneer offering custom-designed and mass-produced outdoor and indoor displays, touchscreens, payment terminals, and OEM solutions. 

Leveraging modular design principles and talented in-house teams, Kuori maintains a tech leadership role while delivering cost-effective solutions for diverse and demanding environments.

Official Google EDLA partner

Kuori is an official Google EDLA (Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement) partner, offering displays equipped with an Android™ version fully compatible with Google’s mobile services and applications. 

With a customer base spanning a multitude of private companies and public organisations across 30+ countries, Kuori has established a presence in a wide range of verticals.

It’s in the people

Kuori takes great pride in delivering exceptional customer satisfaction throughout every aspect of the business, including solution design, manufacturing, installation, and end-to-end support.

An organisation of more than 70 highly-skilled professionals — including an in-house team of hardware and software engineering experts and customer support specialists — Kuori is dedicated to upholding this commitment, bringing diverse expertise and experience to the table.

Driven to deliver innovative solutions

From R&D and architecture to software development, electrical engineering, finance, and international sales and marketing, the Kuori team comes from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, united by a shared passion for delivering top-notch solutions and services to valued customers.

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