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Experience the future of digital display solutions with Kuori.

With our modular and sustainable design strategy featuring unified hardware and software capabilities, we’re a tech leader focused on delivering innovative and sustainable digital signage, payment terminals and OEM solutions for diverse and demanding environments, including some of the harshest weather climates around the globe.

Custom design

Our modular screens are designed to be easily customised on a large scale to meet specific requirements, with mass production readiness in weeks.

We offer a broad range of sizes, from 15.6 inches to 98 inches, to cater to various needs in different environments. Our display solutions are fully customisable, providing you with a range of options to choose from including different designs, materials, systems, accessories, and environmental specifications to ensure that they meet your precise requirements.

Kuori’s display solutions are ideal for demanding environments. Our Certified Android OS provides secure and compatible software, while also guaranteeing the best possible performance.


Kuori’s modular, service-friendly design allows for individual component replacement without disassembly or display replacement. This not only reduces waste but also lowers the total cost of ownership for our customers. With modularity, our solutions have a significantly longer lifecycle with lower lifecycle cost.

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