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Customer case: Mediateko

The complete delivery and technical solutions process led Mediateko, a fast-growing Finnish outdoor advertising company, to choose Kuori as their LCD outdoor display provider.

Mediateko discovered that purchasing monitors with replaceable panels is a more responsible approach since the entire unit will not have to be replaced when the panel reaches the end of its life. Still, the casing around it remains the same.

Mediateko made the investment for a ten-year period and worked with Kuori to develop a life cycle model. Under this model, Kuori is responsible for maintaining the screens from the beginning to the end of the contract period. In the long run, the price-quality ratio is favourable and provides security regarding the network’s functionality for Mediateko. This success story involved close collaboration with Supervisual Ltd., organising display purchasing and supporting installations.

Could you recommend Kuori outdoor screens to others?
“I could and I have also done that.”
– Teemu Kontkanen, Partnership Director, Mediateko