Espoo’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2024: Kuori Oy, Maria and Jarkko Jokelainen

ESPOO, FINLAND — May 5, 2024 Espoon Yrittäjät have named Maria and Jarkko Jokelainen, the founders of Kuori Oy, as Espoo’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Established in 2015, Kuori is a high-tech company based in Espoo, specialising in the design and manufacture of large digital display solutions for international markets. Its core business focuses on modular display and software solutions, currently serving 30 countries across various sectors, from healthcare facilities to parking terminals, restaurants, and golf courses to ski resorts.

Maria and Jarkko brought substantial business and entrepreneurial experience when they started the company. Maria, raised in an entrepreneurial family, launched her first business at a young age. Jarkko, on the other hand, gained experience in large technology firms and had previously ventured into startup entrepreneurship. Additionally, Maria and Jarkko are parents to three children on the autism spectrum, which led them to entrepreneurship as traditional employment became challenging due to their children’s needs.

The company’s journey began with the development of a large touchscreen display for the healthcare sector. Observing their children benefiting from interacting with the displays during product development, Maria and Jarkko realized the potential of such technology in aiding learning, concentration, and communication.

Kuori commenced operations in 2015 with an initial revenue of approximately €9,000. By 2022, the company’s revenue had soared to over €12 million, with a profit of €862,000. While the financials for 2023 are pending, preliminary data suggests a revenue increase to nearly €14 million.

Kuori’s strength lies in its superior technological expertise, particularly in the Android operating system, modular product structure, and thermodynamics ensuring the longevity of displays in challenging outdoor environments. With over 70 employees primarily focused on product development, the company’s future prospects in international markets are promising, challenging even the largest players in the industry.

Espoon Yrittäjät board members selected Maria and Jarkko as Entrepreneurs of the Year for several reasons. Operating from Espoo’s Nihtisilta, the company successfully developed patented technology and established a strong presence in global markets. Their products cater to unique healthcare needs, providing invaluable assistance to the elderly and individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities. Since 2022, healthcare sector products have been separated into YetiCare Oy.

The Entrepreneur of the Year award has been presented in Espoo since 1980. Historically, it has signaled continued success and accelerated growth for the recipient and their company. The selection panel believes this trend will continue for Maria and Jarkko Jokelainen of Kuori.

On May 8, 2024, the Mayor of the city of Espoo, Jukka Mäkelä, and CEO of Espoon Yrittäjät, Esa Kinnunen, presented the Entrepreneur of the Year award to Maria and Jarkko Jokelainen at Dipoli.