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Kuori – Beyond the Digital Experience

Discover the story behind our company’s innovative display solutions and explore our unique strengths that make us a disruptive force for positive change.

Company in Brief

Kuori Oy is a cutting-edge technology company with its headquarter in Finland. Our primary focus is developing, manufacturing, and supplying hardware and software interfaces for Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) worldwide. Our product line includes highly customisable outdoor displays and touchscreens suitable for any environment. Additionally, we offer indoor and outdoor payment terminals designed for versatility and convenience.

As a company, Kuori has a wealth of experience delivering value in challenging environments. Our solutions cater for settings like industrial displays, advertising, parking, EV charging, and fast food. In addition, we currently hold several pending patents related to display technology, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and staying ahead of the curve.

One of the key strengths of Kuori lies in our expertise in Android OS development. Our team has created a unique Android version that is fully compatible and certified with Google GMS (EDLA). This enables us to offer our customers a range of new display and OS services and sets us apart from the competition.

Our mission is to deliver innovative end-to-end display solutions that positively impact your business.

Our vision is to go beyond the digital experience solutions for enterprises as we know them today.

Our Team

Kuori as a company takes great pride in the strong focus on delivering exceptional customer satisfaction throughout every aspect of our business, including solution design, manufacturing, installation, and ongoing support.

Our team of over 50 highly skilled professionals is dedicated to upholding this commitment, bringing diverse expertise and experience to the table.

From R&D and architecture to software development, electrical engineering, finance, and international sales and marketing, our team members come from a broad range of backgrounds and disciplines, united by a shared passion for delivering top-notch solutions and services to our valued customers.

Management Team

Maria Jokelainen

CEO, Co-founder

Jarkko Jokelainen

CTO, Co-founder

Markus Backman

Head of Sales

+358 44 729 0202

Andrew Cresswell

Chief Growth Officer



Markus Backman

Head of Sales

+358 44 729 0202

Juha Rytkönen

Business Development Director

+358 40 922 9128

Ursula Halonen

Business Director, Android

+358 40 031 6111

Hilkka Muro

Customer Success Manager

+358 44 983 4955

Mikael Solberg

Sales Manager (Sweden)

+46 70 399 4323

Ossi Musakka

Sales & Customer Success (Finland)

+358 50 472 9289

Lotta Kuosmanen

Sales & Marketing Specialist