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Network environment

There are three types of networks that you typically operate your Kuori product:

  • 4G 
  • Wifi
  • Ethernet

4G is the easiest. Ensure the network has a strong enough signal and the SIM has unlimited data. Also, ensure the SIM card PIN code has been turned off. Modern tablet apps need a lot of bandwidth and data to function properly: speed or capacity limits will show quickly in daily use. Please check the manual on correctly inserting the SIM card into Kuori.

Wi-Fi is the recommended standard way to connect to the Internet. Kuori’s devices are Internet of Things devices and should be installed as such.

Our recommendations are:

  1. Make a separate IoT network for all IoT devices at your location. Typically you want to avoid network traffic from personal devices in this network. 
  2. Treat Kuori’s devices as a workstation or laptop if the above is impossible. Connect it permanently to your office WLAN with at least a suitably strong password protection.

Kuori products should not be connected to open networks. Open networks, such as guest wifi, hotel wifi etc., are not designed for permanent device installation. They may often require login after a period of inactivity, ban a device that tries to log in too often or otherwise impede network functionality. Guest networks are also a vector of attacks. Do not allow unauthorised access to the same network as your Kuori product!

Ethernet is basically the same as Wifi. Please note that not all applications work with an Ethernet-only connection. This requires a change to the application in question and can not be fixed by Kuori.