The importance of connecting customer experiences indoors and outdoors

The Digital Signage Summit Europe (DSSE) 2023, a two-day event held in Munich this past July, brought together many industry influencers and decision-makers under one roof. Amidst the discussions and enthusiasm that filled the event, one topic emerged as a focal point – the evolving customer experience, dynamic marketing strategies, and emerging technologies reshaping the advertising landscape. At the heart of this transformation lies the potent force of DOOH advertising.

DOOH, or Digital Out-of-Home advertising, is rapidly breaking down the barriers between indoor and outdoor consumer experiences. Through adeptly utilising dynamic content, interactive elements, and laser-targeted messaging, DOOH advertising orchestrates a seamless and captivating consumer journey unconfined by physical location.

Juha Rytkönen, Director for Business Development at Kuori, summarised his thoughts after attending the event.

“At the DSSE event, I engaged in discussions with multiple speakers regarding the emotional experience and impact of DOOH. To my surprise, it became evident that there was a lack of communication between hardware and software providers and creative agencies. We must address this gap, as no barriers prevent us from expanding the indoor experience to the outdoors and vice versa. Bridging this divide is a critical factor that can reignite growth within this industry.”

As an OEM, Juha Rytkönen’s perspective encapsulates this requirement, emphasising the symbiotic relationship between cutting-edge technology and customer delight.

Digital signage moving towards holistic approach

Similar thought-provoking insights were echoed by prominent figures. Florian Rotberg of invidis Consulting championed a paradigm shift from mere sales to meaningful engagement, a strategy that births uniqueness within the physical realm. His perspective redefines digital signage, steering it toward a more mature and holistic approach.

Alberto Cáceres, CEO of Trison, shared his views on the growth trajectory of digital signage in diverse sectors. He noted that any vertical market transformation is primed for integrating digital signage, elucidating the thriving potential of the automotive industry in his company’s trajectory.

In conclusion, the Digital Signage Summit Europe 2023 encapsulated a pivotal juncture in the advertising landscape. The surge of DOOH advertising, as a bridge between physical and digital experiences, is revolutionising how brands connect with consumers.

The summit illuminated the need for a comprehensive understanding of software and hardware to enrich the consumer journey. As the industry shifts from selling to engaging and traditional to transformational, the summit highlighted the importance of remaining agile and adaptive. This stance will undoubtedly define the trajectory of the digital signage arena in the years to come.